What is a Feasibility study?

Posted on November 30, 2022

Once a project brief has been discussed and agreed. The first step of most projects is to carry out a Feasibility study. This includes a measurement survey of the existing building and preparation of design proposals. Once we have agreed a design and layout Albyn can then obtain a budget cost estimation for the works.

Albyn Architects typically prepare plans and visualisations at this early stage, looking into at least 2 design/layout options. This demonstrates the proposed designs and allows the client to decide how they want to use the space and the proposed materials.

Feasibility Services

  • Discuss and agree design brief.
  • Carry out measurement survey of existing building.
  • Prepare proposals looking into various layouts and designs.
  • Produce visualisations demonstrating the external and internal design.
  • Once the layout and design has been agreed, obtain a budget cost estimation for the works.

Proposed Visualisations

Albyn Architects use the latest computer software to create 3D visualisations to demonstrate design proposals. This allows us to tailor the design and create exciting spaces, while ensuring the client is at the centre of the design process.

See below a selection of visuals produced for a house extension project, looking into 2 different designs.

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